T-shirt Quilts

How many t-shirts do you have that you can't bear to part with?  Are they hiding at the bottom of your dresser, under your bed, or in the basement?  Quilts Made With Love can turn those precious memories in to an heirloom quilt for you to view and enjoy every day! Shirts from high school, college, concerts, your favorite sports team, endurance events, and vacations would all be suitable to make unique and memorable quilts for yourself or someone you love.

Throw size (52" x 64") custom t-shirt quilt = $300

Twin size (68" x 84") custom t-shirt quilt = $400

Full size (84" x 92") custom t-shirt quilt = $450

Queen size (92" x 100") custom t-shirt quilt = $500

King size (100" x 100") custom t-shirt quilt = $550

I recommend having about 15-25 shirts for the throw size quilt and 25-35 shirts for the twin size quilt. Once you have your shirts together, we will get together and discuss all the options for your custom quilt: layout, colors, borders, etc. A $100 deposit is due when you drop off or mail your shirts, and the balance is due before you receive your finished quilt. You can expect your quilt to be completed within 4-6 weeks. Kentucky residents must add 6% sales tax.

A few examples are shown below, but every quilt is a unique creation.

"I have had Michelle make 3 quilts for me to give as gifts! She knows how to capture the sentiment and memories involved in a t-shirt quilt. She is artistic with her designs and colors, each one perfect for the individual it is made for."


"Finally! I have shed the two HUGE Rubbermaid totes full of my daughters' cheerleading t-shirts they made me keep for the past 10 years. Michelle made them two beautiful HIGH quality quilts the girls proudly display and talk about with their friends. Thank you Michelle for this great way of GETTING RID of those t-shirts (and freeing up my totes) and making my daughters extremely happy. For all you moms like me... DO IT!!!"